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Street Fashion / Frida Gustavsson

| 7 Kasım 2010 Pazar

World street fashion, MODAVETREND.COM IN.

Last week, one of takipçilerimizden; own corner street style with an incidence of follow-up to the interpretation that you like and just around the corner, he said. I get dozens of comments in this way for nearly 3 years, all the personal thank you thank you for the kind arkdaşlarımıza here.

Street fashion beautiful model own corner, we see Frida Gustavsson'u. Together, let's look at what attention! Own corner street style that pomyumlardan Reflections from the street;

  • military style
  • oval, rectangular-framed glasses, optical
  • tunic shirts
  • smooth and natural on the hair model
  • model in black tights
  • mocha color large bag
  • black boots

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