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How to wear red coats or jackets?

| 5 Kasım 2010 Cuma for the followers of the new people I opened a corner, the name of own corner Corner How to wear. 'published by the fashion news in that room had a köşemiz fashioned street corner now has two special köşemiz. How worn köşesinde'ki purpose, we offer suggestions about a product, how giyilebileceği konumuz in it before the last product that uses a famous person or a consonant visuals, style suggestions that will benefit kombinlerinden.

You're the first news for this corner, red jacket and coat patterns was how giyileceği. Below you see images, at various times by people who have opted for a red coat or ceket'leri. If you are taking or plan to have a red jacket, I wear and how to help you when he thinks kombinlerim good suggestions.

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