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Liz Lisa Spring Summer 2011

| 3 Kasım 2010 Çarşamba

Liz Lisa, but I've heard for the first time the brand of 2011 fashions started to talk about each brand's collections, while large and small take a look at the popular or unpopular.

Liz High School Spring / Summer 2011 collections, such as a game world opens its doors to us. Barbie clothes like the clothes, came bustling into my eyes like a collection of fairy tales will be shown. Liz Lisa brand that offers fashion week in Tokyo kolesiyonunu, fashion designers in the interpretation of a weather-themed Barbie doll sergiliyor.Aynı aksesular also impressive and eye-catching details of the collection also draws attention to the successful points.

Liz Lisa Spring Summer 2011, Fashion 2011;

  • floral prints
  • cute overalls
  • ayıcıklar
  • frequent use of lace is striking
  • fun pajamas

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