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Platis pc 12 all video

| 23 Mart 2009 Pazartesi

What is platis ?
Which pc 12 ?
All platis pc12 video is here.

The Pilatus PC-12 is a single-engine turboprop passenger and cargo aircraft manufactured by Pilatus Aircraft of Switzerland. The main market for the aircraft is corporate transport and regional airliner operators

Platis pc 12 video

PC-12 NG -

Pilatus Pilatus-Aircraft: PC-12 NGhas been building single-engine aircraft in Stans, Switzerland for nearly 70 years. In both the civilian and military markets, Pilatus enjoys a reputation for utilizing the most modern design techniques, precision engineering and cutting-edge manufacturing processes to produce its high performance aircraft. The latest and largest member of the Pilatus family is the PC-12 NG. Integrating a single turboprop engine into an aerodynamically advanced airframe, the Pilatus PC-12 NG combines excellent economy, reliability and versatility with the inherent safety of this type of aircraft.

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