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| 22 Mart 2009 Pazar


Jill of all Trades

"Dress" - it's a small word for a garment of such monumental importance. No other article of clothing has the ability to balance function with femininity better and no other designer has mastered the art of this balance better than Jill Stuart.

Surprisingly, Stuart's foray into fashion began with accessories: she sold her first collection of jewelry and handbags to Bloomingdale's when she was only fifteen. Growing up in New York City with parents who owned the successful label "Mister Pants," fashion was a way of life for Stuart. But to her, wearing a designer label was easy. Expressing one's individuality through clothing, however, now that was impressive. When she emerged from the Rhode Island School of Design, Stuart's own signature style was firmly developed. With their sheer silks and rebellious hemlines, her girly silhouettes bordered on daring, but always remained proper. In 1993 the collection launched and only two years later landed a starring-role in the movie Clueless. Her slightly more affordable line, Jill, debuted in 2007. Now offering everything from swimwear to shoes to cosmetics, Jill Stuart continues to balance femininity with function for an entire lifestyle.

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