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Blackberry 8800 and themes

| 2 Nisan 2009 Perşembe


As stylish as it is powerful, the BlackBerry® 8800 smartphone is designed to let you do your BlackBerry 8800best work from wherever you choose. It gives you phone, email, organiser, web browsing and instant messaging. And then it goes a step further, providing GPS for enhanced access to location-based applications and services, including the pre-loaded BlackBerry® Maps application. A multi-media player for your video clips and music. Expandable memory to ensure you’ve got the room you need for your media files. And a high-capacity battery to allow you to make the most of it all.

Sleek and performance-driven, it’s the stylish way to get things done.

new images for themes

in this episode we return to the very beginning when the Joker was terrorising Gotham City. Only one person can stop the Joker, and thats batman. Enjoy this Batman - The Dark knight theme for the blackberry 9000 Bold

Download the selected item from this location


The next theme is for the Curve 8900 (Javelin) and is a pretty snazzy number called Zulu. It features a hidden dock on both sides and bottom and features customizable icons. This is by far one of the cooler themes I’ve come across in a while. Grab it OTA

Zulu Home-03.png Zulu Home-04.png Zulu Home-02.png Zulu Home-01.pngZulu Home.png

Lastly we have a theme for the Bold. Serenity Now is a peaceful looking theme that rearranges the layout of the homescreen and changes up the font a little bit. The icons are customizable and the theme is a little serene. Check it out at BlacklightThemes.


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