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VETERINARY students! 2009 Calendar Photos Pictures

| 18 Aralık 2008 Perşembe

VETERINARY students naked pictures dor animals

hey .... very nice idea :)
VETERINARY students! 2009 Calendar Photos Pictures

VETERINARY students!

PEELED OFF Veterinary students, animals protection society of donors in order to add the calendar to run for the.

Cambridge University's Veterinary at the Department of students, animal protecting the rights of an association of the need to collect donations will be drafted in order to 2009 calendar for posing naked. he gave

In Telegarph according to; 'Queen's Veterinary School Hospital' name veterinary hospital equipment is aimed at completion of the students want to collect the donation target; nearly 4 million usd.

One In 18 will be sold to dollar in the 2009 calendar posing for the students, a utanmak since dursun, their job felt proud of.

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